Since the invasion of Tibet in 1949 by the Communist Chinese, over one million Tibetans have died as a direct result of the occupation. More than six thousand monasteries — centers of Tibetan culture and learning — have been looted and razed to the ground.

This ongoing brutal occupation and cultural genocide in Tibet by the Communist Chinese continues to force many Tibetans including monks to escape into exile by making a perilous journey across the Himalayas to Nepal and India. Many arrive malnourished, frostbitten, traumatized and destitute in exile to get better education. The Drepung Loseling Phukhang Khangtsen immediately accepts monks for new admission and work to find placement for the new arrivals. Because of the limited resources of our financial income, Drepung Loseling Phukhang Khangtsen is completely dependent on the kindness and generosity of others.

Therefore, Drepung Loseling Phukhang Khangtsen introduce this monk sponsorship program is to provide monk’s basic necessities during his life at the monastery. The monetary support lend by you goes payment for the cost of food, housing, clothing, study materials, health care and other basic necessities for the monks in the monastery.