Owning to rise of the monk’s population year by year, we experience many grave problems in monks’ living, drinking and electricity.

1) Water Project: Due to increase in the number of monks and the shortages of water, the monks desire to save water affects levels of health and hygiene in the Khangtsen, as monks do not wash their clothes. Moreover, fetching running water from other areas are very time consuming. By purchasing new water machine, the monks will have more time to spend on their studies. They won’t need to fetch water every morning and evening. So far the monks use for drinking is fetched from well. But, it is not enough for both drinking and washing at the same time. Supplying of clean water for the entire community is completely dependent on the kindness and generosity of others. Therefore, we request to donate for the water project fund of the monks.

It is true that since occupation of Tibet by the Communist Chinese, there is no religious freedom in Tibet. Many people escape from Tibet specifically to train in Tibetan Buddhism. But due to the shortage of monks’ room and because of the poor condition of the existing accommodation, there are many problems.

Most of the rooms are shared by at least two or sometimes three monks. The overcrowding and congestion results in the spread of disease among the monks, which is our most important concern. The monks also do not have proper bookshelves to keep their scripture and other reference books which they have to keep on the flat top surface.

Some of the roofing of the room is flat metal sheeting, which is now completely rusted. During the summer season, the metal and sheet roofing make the rooms unbearable hot, which disturbs the whole atmosphere of learning and leads to the students losing their interest in study.

Because of the overcrowded rooms, monks memorize their scriptures in the courtyard but this becomes very difficulty during the monsoon season.

Your generous donation will help us to:
• Replace the congested rooms so that the growing number of monks can be properly accommodated.
• Replace the overcrowded rooms and so avoid the associated health problems.
• Provide the suitable environment for study for the student monks.
• Design the new rooms to provide the proper bookshelves for the monks to keep their scriptures and other books.

Your generous donation will not only benefit the students who have already enrolled but will also benefit the thousand who will enroll in the future.
2) Drepung Phukhang Khangtsen is one of the poorest of the monasteries in exile. The Main Prayer Hall, built in 1985 when the monastery was re-established, is unable to hold the monstery’s current population of just over 260 monks, and as a result the preservation of the monastery’s unique Tibetan Buddhist scholarship remains at risk.Over the years, the number of students in the Khangtsen has increased, and at the same time the facilities have improved.
However, it has now become necessary to embark on the most important project of Phukhang Khangtsen’s existence in exile – a project which reaches right to the heart of the monastery’s life – the construction of a new Main Prayer Hall